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How does muscle relaxing injections (b*t*x) work to reduce sweating?

You sweat when the nerve endings in your skin tell the sweat glands to produce sweat. Muscle relaxing injections helps reduce excessive sweating by blocking those ‘messages’.

Once an area has been treated with Anti wrinkle the sweat glands will not produce sweat for up to six months.

Anti wrinkle  is not a permanent solution for excessive sweating as your body produces new nerve endings over time, about every six months.

As these new nerve endings haven’t been treated , they will send signals to the sweat glands as normal to start producing sweat.

Anti wrinkle to treat excessive sweating has mixed results. Some patients find they no longer sweat in the area that’s been treated, while others continue to sweat but much less.

Who can’t have the treatment?

You will not be able to have Anti-wrinkle to treat your excessive sweating if you:

  • are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • have been diagnosed with any heart problems
  • have been diagnosed with any muscular problems
  • are on certain medication such as muscle relaxants or anticoagulants

Your practitioner will ask you what medication you are taking before the procedure to see if there are any contraindications (factors that make it necessary not to give you the treatment).