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We offer an array of facials and aesthetics designed to work hand in hand.


is a tried and trusted exfoliating treatment that has been around for decades.

Thanks to the fantastic results you can achieve for a number of skin concerns,  microdermabrasion has benefited from enduring popularity.

Microdermabrasion refers to the use of tiny exfoliating crystals to unsettle and remove the dead, upper layer of skin and reveal the fresh, new skin layer 


The Dermaplane treatment is carried out using a sterile surgical blade

 This is carefully applied to the skin and gently removes the top layer of dead skin and vellus hairs (sometimes referred to as ‘peach fuzz’).

This creates a smooth, photo finish effect on your skin, as well as allowing your skincare products to work more effectively and your make-up to glide on smoothly for an impeccable finish.

By removing surface build-up, the skin is perfectly primed to maximise the results from our other facial treatments such as skin peels & microneedling .

Dermaplaning treatments can be used as a stand-alone treatment for a fantastic, quick, pain free deep exfoliation with no downtime.

Altternatively, they can be incorporated as part of a combination of facial treatments for more targeted and effective results.


  • Smoother, healthier skin
  • Removes dead skin and vellus hairs
  • Improves the absorption of skincare products
  • Can reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Can be used on all skin types
  • Primes the skin for other treatments
  • Improves the application of makeup
  • Reduces the appearance of Acne Scars
  • Immediate results


Collagen loss begins in our early twenties. After the age of 20 we produce approximately 1% less collagen each year! This leads to dry/thin skin, wrinkles and less elasticity. 

Environmental factors like sun exposure and pollution also break down collagen. Skin begins to sag and jowls start to form. 

The good news is help is at hand. Our non-surgical Collagen Lift facial tightens, tones and lifts your skin – helping your collagen to function properly again.


helps to boost collagen levels. This non-surgical radio frequency technology is a natural but effective solution to tackle the signs of ageing.

By heating the skin to stimulate a healing response, it uses the body’s own natural healing to turn back the clock. This treatment firms and tightens your skin as collagen matures.

You can look forward to increased muscle tone, a more defined jaw line and a reduction in fine lines.

Radio frequency can be used anywhere on the body.


Microneedling is a cosmetic skin treatment using a mechanical pen device. The mechanical pen encases tiny needles, that during the treatment, rapidly puncture the skin.

The tiny perforations caused by the needles, induce a natural healing response in your skin. By stimulating your skin in this manner, the body starts to produce some of the natural substances we lose through the ageing processes such as collagen, elastin and growth factors.

A microneedling treatment can significantly improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, such as on the face and décolletage. It is effective for sun-damaged and ageing skin, as well as acne scars and stretch marks

Depending on the skin concern being treated, a needle depth is selected by your practitioner to address the individual concern.

For instance, a treatment for skin rejuvenation would require a different needle depth compared to a skin needling treatment for acne scars.

The microneedling pen is unique and offers greater advantages over the old-style Dermaroller


    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Sun damage
    • Pigmentation
    • Ageing skin
    • Scars
    • Acne scars
    • Loose/flacid skin
    • Stretch marks
    • Enlarged pores
    • Uneven skin texture
    • Hair loss & Alopecia

    We combine the microneedling treatment with microneedling solutions and serums that contain specific, active ingredients to enhance your results.

    Microneedling can treat all areas on the face or body and is suitable for all skin types and tones.


  • The carboxy therapy facial improves skin oxygenation immediately following treatment, which in effect results in an artificial Bohr effect. The chemical reaction that takes place effectively helps to remove unwanted toxins from the skin whilst at the same time increasing skin nutrition. The active ingredients will improve skin elasticity, strengthening skin pores, resulting in a reduction of size over a course of treatments. Expression lines will be reduced, the skin will feel firmer and look more radiant as skin tone is balanced

    What do the ingredients in the Carboxy Facial Treatment actually do?

    Tissue repair, matrix formation, blood vessel growth, anti-bacterial, promotes growth factor communication.


  • DUAL FACIAL includes Microneedling and dermalaning combined.