Hot Stones Massage Training Course

Hot Stones Massage Training Course

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Being able to add a new service in your therapy practice/salon is essential as it allows you to offer more to the existing clients you already have, as well as introducing new clients.

We offer hot stone massage course in small groups. We think this allows everyone to make the very most of their day’s training.

Hot stone massage is a great warming treatment! It allows a therapist to warm up clients’ muscles instantly and provides therapeutic massage to deep layers of muscle.  Ideal for both male and female clients, hot stone massage offers a unique approach to massage that appeals to both clients and therapists.

Basalt stones maintain heat and this transfers through to clients’ muscles. A good therapist will confuse a client who will say that it’s difficult to tell when the therapist is using their hands and when they are massaging with a hot stone. This is a good thing as it allows a flowing, soothing massage that a client will benefit from.

Pre Requisite : Qualified in massage or minimum level 3 beauty

1 Day Course

You will receive your pre course manual by email.

All course work must be completed prior to arrival 

Please bring your lunch with you